Dear Parents and Friends of St. Joseph School: 

I’m writing to ask you to consider taking advantage of a relatively new program the State of Indiana started, which enables residents who pay Indiana income taxes to receive up to half back on their donation to St. Joseph School. I know it is hard to believe, but when a donation is given (e.g., $1,000), St. Joseph School receives the $1,000 and then the donor receives a state tax credit back on their April tax return (e.g., $500). Your contribution can range from $100 to $1,000,000 if you choose.

To whom does this apply?  Indiana residents and businesses that pay Indiana income taxes can benefit from the tax credit. Because it requires more effort than giving a check to the school, including receiving an authorization number for your tax forms (see attached instructions), one would have to consider what level of donation, credit, and annual tax liability warrants using this program vs. a straight donation to the school. 

Why is this beneficial for donors?  A donor can receive 50% back from the state (plus a federal deduction in some circumstances), as opposed to straight donations to the school, which are not eligible for tax credits from the state. 

Why is this helpful to St. Joseph School?  St. Joseph School could receive more funds than they would otherwise. Presumably, a donor could give twice what they usually give or planned on giving, because they know that they’ll get half back on their tax return. Yet St. Joseph School receives the total amount. Indiana has effectively created a “matching donation program.”

Why does the State do this?  Simply put, the State of Indiana wants to encourage private investment in education, particularly on behalf of financially challenged students. Because St. Joseph School Parish and School (as well as the Diocese) support students and families when they can’t pay full tuition, the State is willing to “match” funds that are donated to organizations they have approved.

To whom should I speak if I have questions?  You may speak with Melinda Adams at 260-706-7126, or you can contact our school Principal, Brian Baker at  Both are available to answer questions, or meet with you personally.

How can I contribute? Donors may contribute online or through traditional paper means. If you choose to donate online, please proceed to our St. Joseph School website (address below) and select the SGO link on the left. If you would like to donate through traditional paper means, please make checks payable to SGONEI and write St. Joseph School on the memo line.  Donations need to be accompanied by an SGONEI donation form, a copy of which may be obtained from the Parish office, or may be downloaded from our school website (address below), or can be found through the Diocesan website using the following link.  SGONEI 

Please return paper donation forms 

with accompanying check of donation to:

Archbishop Noll Catholic Center                          


915 South Clinton Street

Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802

Sincerest Thanks!  Brian Baker, Principal