Resource Department

The St. Joseph School Resource Department has the pleasure of working with all students in grades PreK - 8. The Resource staff supports students academically and socially, while assisting teachers as well. The Resource teachers include Katie Myers (Director), Teresa Morris and Andrea Gerig. The dedicated Resource paraprofessionals include Ariana Sponseller, Jo Conrad, Mindy Ellsworth, Angela Sonnenberg, Jessi Billman, Lindee Andrews, Ashten Ranly and Ashley Myers.

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Paraprofessional Mrs. Jo Conrad takes part in Kindergarten's 90 minute reading block while Paraprofessional Mrs. Mindy Ellsworth enjoys hearing the Kindergarteners count past 50! Mrs. Rachael Fravel and Mrs. Ashley Fullenkamp are grateful for their support!

Time certainly flies when Paraprofessional Mrs. Angela Sonnenberg and a 3rd grade student, get together to practice clock and time skills!

Middle School Resource Teacher, Ms. Andrea Gerig and 8th grade teacher Mrs. Sharon Braun work together to create the perfect lesson! Paraprofessional, Mrs. Patty Clark, Middle School teacher, Mr. Nick Faurote, and a 7th grade student (solar system expert) are a perfect team in the science lab!

Early this school year, Paraprofessional Mrs. Ariana Sponseller worked with a 6th grade student to create a science project based on lessons about energy transfer! Here you see her enjoying the fruits of her labor, after successfully baking mini cupcakes and donuts in her solar oven!

Mrs. Teresa Morris (K-5 interventionist) shows 4th grade students, helpful strategies for tackling long division.